My very first blog post!!!

Hi everyone! I’m feeling super excited to open my first food blog!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

So let me introduce myself — I’m Judith and this is me, happily taking a photo with a pack of very sweet and fresh papaya in Bangkok.

At fruit market, Thailand

I’m from Hong Kong though. After graduation I became a journalist and actually one of the pioneers at Spirito diVino Asia (SdVA), a fine wine/dine magazine that publishes bi-monthly. I’m still with it.

Here’s a quick look at them, we’ve currently published four issues–

Spirito diVino Asia #1-4

Some might wonder why I am doing this. I eat all the time, always thinking that food is adorable and it is a blessing to eat. Those who are friends on my Facebook would know that, what I usually do is to upload photos taken with my iPhone and post them either through Instagram (really random shots over there, if you’re interested) or directly onto Facebook. But then I was thinking — a blog might be a more serious way to share what fantastic eateries I’ve been to, what delicious food/beverage I’ve gobbled down and what inspirational things I’ve been told by those proprietors, perhaps restaurant owners or chefs 🙂

That simple, really. In fact, I feel privileged to indulge in more of these wonderful dining experiences with SdVA; and since I don’t always have the chance to write them all in the magazine, Ju-see Delights will sure be useful!

My love for food was inspired by people I am most intimate with. I have a lovely foodie family — my dad embraces all kinds of dishes (really awful ones aside); my mom is a yogist who has these secret recipes to healthy, tasty Chinese dishes and soups; my brother Valiant is a wine enthusiast who’s now having some of the most enjoyable moments in France; and with my boyfriend Ed, who never really likes those weekend routines (lunch, movie, tea/shopping, dinner, and more shopping) that many couples do in the city, we find our ways to eateries. Most rewarding is, of course, upon discovering lesser-known ones that are both yummy and wallet-friendly.

A picture of my family and Ed–

What’s more, I DO cook sometimes! But that’s usually limited to desserts 😀

Long story short — In Ju-see Delights I’m going to share with you what I think are delightful to eat, including great dishes that I have, as well as previews of new restaurant menus or concepts after media luncheons/brunches/dinners.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!



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