Catalunya Sunday brunch preview!

Sunday brunch preview, Catalunya So this was my second time visiting this contemporary Spanish restaurant, after Spirito diVino Asia‘s six-page feature (in the last June/July issue) of its launch in Hong Kong. Last time I had tasted its signature dishes and drinks, including the Bombas, Truffle Bikini, Lobster Rice and Stairway to Heaven (cocktail), which Executive Chef Alain Devahive Tolosa and Head Chef Luis Rafael Ferandes Gil prepared.

This time it was a preview of their upcoming Sunday a la carte brunch menu, with other media and food bloggers.

Charcuterie, Catalunya Not a huge selection of hams, but I liked them all, especially the lomo and bellota hams while eaten with a dash of EVOO. IMG_2787

There were three other types of quality salted anchovies apart from this Cantabrian anchovies.

Bikini truffle, Catalunya

I can never have enough of the Bikini Truffle, a terrific pair of Iberian ham, mozarella cheese and black truffle! (There is a vegetarian version with avocado — less pungent but still very good)

Sin Tortilla, Catalunya

The Trampo, also called “Sin Tortilla”, is irresistible and a comfort food. Not as mind-blowing though.

Deconstruction, Catalunya

The Deconstruction served in a warm martini glass. We were reminded to scoop from the very bottom to get all three layers made up of poached onion, beaten yolk and potato foam. See Jess’ spoon on the right? She couldn’t wait to dig in.

There was this sudden moment when music becomes loud and people starting clapping with the beat. It was SHOW TIME!

Chef Rafael presented the signature Segovian style Suckling Pig, and they broke a plate upon serving it (see the pieces on the floor).

Time for dessert! I’m this typical kind of woman who always have another part of the stomach reserved for sweet treats.

On the left, Head Sommelier Miquel Sabria serving the Fruit Salad: fruit cubes infused with herbs and spices like basil, cloves and mint, and maybe alcohol too? On the right, Cheese Flan with Berries & Crumble and other desserts.

More shots during the afternoon–

A peek of the first spread of the feature in SdVA #4! (Fantastic shots, yea?) Catalunya SdVA #4 preview

Catalunya HONG KONG G/F, Guardian House, Morrison Hill, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2866 7900

Cheers, Judith


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