Enjoying Summer at L’altro

Media luncheon, L'altro

Yesterday I was invited to a luncheon at L’altro, the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Central, to get an early view of its latest menu that doesn’t only celebrate “the flavours of summer”, but also FRIDAY!!!!!

Assistant Manager Gioacchino Perrotta and Chef Philippe Leveille; L'altro

Two Michelin-starred Chef Philippe Leveille greeting us while Assistant Manager Gioacchino Perrotta translated.

Amuse Bouche; L'altro We’re sat at a long table in the private dining room, and soon after mingling and clinging glasses (with Bellavista that freshened us up) this salmon-pink Amuse Bouche was served in front of us. Red Crab, Celery Jelly, Oyster Leaf Salad, Rice Vinaigrette; L'altro

The next dish, Red Crab topped with Celery Jelly and Oyster Leaf Salad, and dressed with Rice Vinaigrette. Like the Amuse Bouche, it was light and ideal for this kind of hot, stuffy weather in Hong Kong.

Ravioli with Confit Duck Leg stuffing, Baby Spinach and Sichuan Pepper Sauce; L'altro We then began the mains with Ravioli of Confit Duck Leg Stuffing, which tasted more flavourful while complemented with Sichuan Pepper Sauce and Baby Spinach that’s cooked to just right.

Later on, served after the Seabream with Venere Rice and Vegetables Brunoise, and Tomato Basil Cream was the richer Wagyu Beef with Potato Purée and Red Wine Sauce. The thin crisp on top of the Seabream was a tiny detail that brought an impact.

L’altro’s signature Gelato Miramonti was what everyone raved about! Made with milk, cream, egg yolk, egg white, lemon and vanilla (and probably some secret ingredients too), its rich flavour and smooth, creamy texture were simply sublime.
Me enjoying Miramonti Gelato; L'altro

Yet while I was holding this martini glass, feeling happy about the perfect match between this gelato and fresh strawberry glaze, I was told repeated how it tastes even better with hot 75% chocolate sauce!! Hmmmmmm…… I already have plans to revisit during the F/W .

With Chef Philippe Leveille; L'altro

A photo with Chef Philippe after a chat 🙂 Looking forward to meet you again in September!

L’altro by Philippe Leveille Address: 10/F, The L. Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2555 9100


Cheers, Judith


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