Who hasn’t been to Coffee Alley yet?

Alright, I’ve decided to write on Ju-see Delights at least once a week as this is what I’ve been doing so far anyway 🙂

So today, I went to Coffee Alley (more commonly known by locals as 咖啡弄) with my colleagues!

It’s a popular chain of coffee shop from Taipei that landed in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong earlier this year. All the time it has this SUPER LONG queue that turns around the corners, occupying staircases and even part of the street, but we didn’t spend much time lining up since it’s been raining quite heavily (Terrificcccccccc!)

I paid my first visit in the second week of its launch, thanks to Stacey our Taiwanese colleague who got wind of it particularly faster 🙂 Every time in here I ordered something new off the menu, as well as one of the signature dishes/drinks that are highly irresistible.

On the left is the Iced Fresh Fruit Tea (HK$58) is absolutely ideal for summer, yet I ordered a hot one to keep myself warm, which tasted less sour but equally delicious. It is red tea with chunks of various kinds of fruits, so healthy that I actually felt less guilty eating more of the sandwiches and waffles 🙂

In the middle is the Club Sandwich with Doritos(!) and Egg Salad (HK$56). The tasty marinated chicken paired well with the other components, so it wasn’t only the chips that made us happy. My colleagues seemed not to like the salad very much, but I thought it was okay…

On the right is the Strawberry Waffle (HK$58)!! This is the dish that I always go back to — the waffles were warm, cushiony and comforting, and they paired awesomely with the fresh fruits and ice-cream!
I recall not ordering this just once out of my five visits as its owner (guess he’s back to Taipei now) sincerely told me how the strawberries weren’t at their best quality that day, and urged me to try instead the Sesame Ice-cream Waffle. Apart from the quality of the food and drinks and environment, what earned my appreciation was the service.

This afternoon we also ordered the Loin Cheese Croissant Sandwich (HK$62) and the Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich (HK$56). Since the cafe offers big platters, it’s best to go with companions so you can order different dishes and share among yourselves!

Coffee Alley 咖啡弄
Room B1-B3, 1/F, Dragon Rise, 9 – 11 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2493 3033



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