Nice, great value sushi meal

Very short post 😉

Two days ago with my parents, uncle and aunt we spent an evening for pre-celebration of my dad’s birthday. We were at Genki Sushi the largest sushi chain in Hong Kong that is known to offer fresh, quality sushi of great value.

“Genki” in Japanese means energy and excitement. It does what it says by having really quite a diverse choice of sushi, sashimi, as well as cooked food like delectable Deep-fried Soft-shell Crabs and its delicious Salmon Head Soup that is milky, flavourful and without the fishy odor that many people dislike.

I forgot my camera and had only taken a few shots with my iPhone, so here are two shots of some of the sushi…

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A taste of the old times at HK Old Restaurant

Last week my wonderful dad who is at work very diligent and capable has brought home with good news — a promotion!!!!! *Dad, we are super proud of you :D*

Immediately we thought of celebrating and honouring his hard work — the most practical and feasible way? A dinner; his favourite cuisine? Shanghainese; where to dine? Let’s try something new!

So after some online searches we decided to go for Hong Kong Old Restaurant and booked a table without hesitation. It joined the hotel one year after its opening in 1992, and this year it is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. I held expectation upon my visit because to me, dining places has to be of top-notch to survive under fast-changing trends in a city like this.

The menu; Hong Kong Old Restaurant. Photo: edyeah

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Hakkaisan… better raw than cooked

One evening last week we celebrated my aunt’s birthday at Hakkaisan, a Japanese restaurant at Causeway Bay.

We were taken into a room and it didn’t take long for the first dish to arrive. Shortly after moist Pan-fried Scallops and Shimeji Mushrooms that was attractive with sizzling, melted butter, Conch freshly delivered by air that evening was served. Its naturally sweet flavour and firm, almost crunchy texture made it a nice sashimi. Perhaps without the fear towards snail-like creatures I would love this dish even more.

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