Straight from the Fish Market

I don’t have a very strong and healthy body. Other than nasal allergy that bothers me throughout the year, I can get rashes on my skin after eating crustacean and shellfish.

But I’m not joking… I had LOTS of seafood on Friday night 😉

A broad view of fish market outside narrow alleyways; Lei Yue Mun

We made turns inside the covered alleyway before reaching Kam Lung Seafood Restaurant. Some of you might not know about the ordering method: you buy seafood from the market stalls, and then be patient and wait for the restaurant do the work!

Several shots of the freshness in the tanks

"Peeing shrimps"; Kam Lung, Lei Yue Mun
First to arrive onto our table of 12 was the “Peeing Shrimp” (aka “lai liu” shrimp in Cantonese), prepared in the simple way of using oil, salt and water as the basic ingredients. Often said is when the products are good enough, you don’t need fancy cooking methods at all.
Razor Clams in Black Bean Sauce; Kam Lung, Lei Yue Mun

Then it was the Razor Clams in Black Bean Sauce. Fresh and tasty, yet created doubts when being served as it the second dish as the sauce was indeed quite heavy, as you can also tell from the photo.

Afterwards we had Scallops with Garlic and Vermicelli. I always love scallops and particularly with this steaming method that keeps the flesh firm and moist, and retains its mildly sweet flavour. One thing I disliked about this dish was the lack of sauce that caused the vermicelli to feel dry and bland in the mouth.

Abalone; Kam Lung, Lei Yue Mun

Then we had Abalone steamed with soy sauce, chopped green onion and ginger slices. Again, fresh and succulent, but I thought smaller ones might taste better. There was a time while my uncle visited us from New York, he cleansed and brought home abalone shells to display next to accessories he sold, which turned out becoming frequently purchased items as people adore their beautiful iridescent inner lining.

Stir-fried Lobster Yee Mien (egg noodles); Kam Lung, Lei Yue Mun

Going back to the food, next was the big platter of Lobster Yee Mein (egg noodles). Those who are following me on Facebook should have seen this photo of me holding the strong, heavy lobster that was eventually cooked and eaten :-O! But sadly I didn’t like this dish very much as the flesh was overcooked — dry and chewy.

Prawn Sashimi; Kam Lung, Lei Yue Mun

This palm-sized Prawn Sashimi brought us back hope though! It was perfect by giving a clear, decent aftertaste. I wonder again if they should have served this earlier on as it was obviously a very light dish.

The Salt-and-Oil Baked Crab, our last seafood dish, was awesome! The flesh was sweet and delicious, while the vibrant yellowish crab roe was succulent and an absolute highlight of the dinner. And ironically just on the same night I came across this video that literally shocked me: Seriously, the yellow stuff is roe and this man has completely trashed this huge delicacy. Would you just Google before you think it’s poop or anything?

Our dinner was rounded up by refreshing Osmenthus Jelly, and ripe Papaya and Mango, with a dash of fresh lemon juice that balanced out the tropical fruits’ intense sweetness.

The dinner cost about HK$800 per head, inclusive of two vegetable dishes that were not mentioned above.

Generally speaking, the dinner was gratifying and whatever that’s cooked in a simpler way was tastier. I expect better food upon my next visit and more importantly, to have them served in a logical sequence, so that itchy skin and sore throat would be more worthwhile having 😛

Kam Lung Seafood Restaurant 金龍海鮮酒家
G/F, 23 Hoi Pong Road Central, Lei Yue Mun
Tel: +852 2348 2929



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