Green Tea & Black Sesame Cheesecake, uh-oh..

Last week I was baking a cake at home for Ed’s birthday and… sadly I didn’t do this beautiful recipe justice (click here:,0,3930162.story)

What a shame. I think the problem came from while I converted the 9-inch cake pan recipe to fit into my 6-inch one and got the wrong measurements. And if you ask how that was possible, a recent example of my wrong calculation of 12+4=18 😳 should well explain the situation.

So here comes a slideshow of what I did, and you will see the shot of mixing in green tea powder to half of the mixture missing due to the chaotic moments…:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In fact it tasted normal… only a little sour because I’d added in too much sour cream thus have nothing left for the top part like the final step of New York cheesecake, and I didn’t add enough green tea powder to the mixture of the bottom layer, so the colour and the taste didn’t stand out very well.

As for why it looked like having too many black sesame seeds on the top layer, I can’t tell if the amount was actually wrong, but it’s definitely related to the lack of my rock grinding bowls (like suribachi that the Japanese use)… I really hope they are just hiding somewhere in the kitchen but not discarded while we moved into the new apartment earlier this year 😦

Anyway, it’s so true that whenever I prepare food for my boyfriend I always fail to a certain extent because the more I wanted to make them nicely, the more I get nervous and prone to messing things up. So I guess the day I care about him less, I will become a better chef! 👿



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