Good weekday brunch

Finally time to sit down and write 🙂

Continuing with the night I made the not-so-good-looking Green Tea & Black Sesame Cheesecake (read the previous post) thus delivering it to Ed’s door in the next morning, we went out for breakfast together. You might find me silly or irrational BUT I’m becoming 24 and probably won’t have such energy and audacity to do something like this in the future 😯

Ambience; Brunch Club & Supper

That was a rainy morning (actually it was raining all day long 🙄 ) and we walked into Brunch Club & Supper, a place with a warm, comfy and laid back setting. Several tables were occupied and everyone was enjoying and respecting the shared quietness.

After a hard time deciding on a menu with no illustrations but only words, I picked a Egg White Frittata (HK$78) and got him a Brunch Club Croque-Monsieur (HK$72) since I’ve seen loads of their tutorials online but have neither made nor tried them before. And by the way, we simply order Eggs Benedict too often.

Egg White Frittata; Brunch Club & Supper

Frittata was a flat Italian-style omelette that looked kind of like a pizza to me. There are three types of it and I’d chosen the one with diced potato, tomato, mushroom, onion, parmesan cheese and chives. Not so big in size but very appetizing and fulfilling especially when eaten with the fresh tomato paste. But the downside to it is it’s chilled as if taken straight out of the fridge, which means the mix of hot and cold wasn’t really pleasant on the palate.

Brunch Club Croque-Monsieur; Brunch Club & Supper

Croque-Monsieur (sorry for wobbly shot) that sits an egg with sunny side up on top was delectable too. Following the traditional way of making, it is a double-decker sandwich with a layer of Bechamel sauce, gammon ham and grated cheese in the middle, and then another generous spread of the sauce and grated cheese on top. It was then cooked in the oven for 15 minutes to become hot while ingredients stayed put with flavours drawn out. What I also liked about this dish are the delicious hash brown and refreshing salad.

Macchiato; Brunch Club & Supper

Ed also ordered himself a cup of Macchiato (price forgotten) instead of mocha that he usually has. No fancy foam art on top and I took a sip to find out the foam was smooth and frothy but not creamy enough. The taste was ok, yet I’ve decided that regular coffee or latte, or as simple as espresso appeals to me better.

A few shots here and there. I like the ambiance — from the entrance at the ground floor to the stairs and into the place. The food was fine and reasonably priced. But I doubt a little towards the service: waitresses lacked energy to the point that (I’m not joking) they had no facial expressions and dragged their feet around almost like zombies.

Brunch Club & Supper
1/F, 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2890 2125



2 thoughts on “Good weekday brunch

  1. I loved this place too!! But I found it a bit hard to find 😦 Also, I think Bricklane is a pretty good brunch spot too, especially their egg-benedict and English breakfast 🙂

    • Yes I think Bricklane is good and it has larger proportions 🙂 The only thing that I don’t like about it though is how so noisy it can be… but then it’s really about the interior designs, such as the material of the wall and how they set up the sound systems. Of course self-control of visitors too..

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