Return of a humble dessert shop

Shop exterior; Fruity Land

Last night, walking around in Tai Wai the many fresh flower baskets that occupied a narrow pedestrian caught everyone’s attention. As we’re still thinking what the new restaurant would be about we then walked up close enough to see its name: Fruity Land. Continue reading


Who cares about your food if service is CRAP?


I must start my post with this short but strong Cantonese idiom that means “I have fallen into a TRAP“.

Wow. Trusting the high ratings on Openrice I had chosen to dine at this Korean barbecue place named Han Song for my mom’s birthday celebration, but it turned out pretty awful and upsetting.

Eight appetizers; Han Song Korean Restaurant

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Late post on Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn is one of my childhood favourite festivals because my family, with a bunch of cousins who are of similar ages, always gathered for barbecue at night. We, whilst looking up to adore the pristine full moon, would share barbecue food of course, mooncakes, fruits and other snacks, while the kids (us) would run around with lanterns in our hands or sit down together to play with candles.

Traditionally, mooncakes are delicacies with sweetened lotus seed paste with one or two egg yolk placed in the centre, wrapped with an enticing golden brown crust that is usually made of lard (occasionally vegetable oil) and stamped with the logo of that particular bakery group that produces them. There are newer ones such as Snowskin Mooncake and Custard Mooncake, but they still retain that iconic stamped look.

Yet the main purpose of writing this post is not to elaborate how many different kinds we have on the market, but to thank one of my best friends Hilary (make-up artist, check her blog: She knew her boyfriend likes to eat Custard Mooncakes, so she made them following the recipe from Spring Moon the Chinese restaurant in Peninsula Hotel, and generously shared with my family four pieces! I’m super blessed!

Custard and traditional mooncakes

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