Big, cheap, delish home-cooked meal

It happens to a lot of us when we just wanted to sit back and do nothing on Sundays. What if you ask me to turn on the stove and cook? I’d say you are a little bit crazy.

So last Sunday night my parents and I walked around the two shopping plazas at Ma On Shan, it was only at about 6pm but all restaurants are super full with super long queues. My smart mom suddenly thought about dining in here, a place that serves home-cooking Chinese dishes, somewhat hidden in a neighbouring small, old mall.

My first reaction was like “I didn’t even know there are restaurants here” and while I saw its storefront, I was kind of in doubt. But it quickly proved me wrong 🙂

Chinese Carrots and Pork Soup; 金多寶

For it’s our first time here, we decided to stick to the safest options — its recommendations. Before the dishes arrived we were served a bowl of Chinese Carrots and Pork Soup each. Delicious and robust, and you can see how the edges of the carrots are gone since it was a slow-fire soup, boiled and simmered for hours and hours.

Fried Pork Ribs with Salad Sauce (秘製金牌沙拉骨); 金多寶

Fried Pork Ribs with Salad Sauce (秘製金牌沙拉骨) (HK$60) stimulated appetite. The generous amount of sauce was rich, sweet and slightly sour, well complementing the fried pork. I love how the crust was thin and you actually have meat in it because many of the times when we eat out nowadays, the proportion is just wrong.

Traditional Hakka Stuffed Tofu (最正宗客家釀豆腐); 金多寶

Traditional Hakka Stuffed Tofu (最正宗客家釀豆腐) (HK$68) is a very healthy dish. The tofu were stuffed with a mixture of pork and fish meat (I think) and much of a surprise, it was two-sided, meaning they were big chunks of tofu. A considerable amount of soybeans were also cooked in the pot to reflect its Hakka-style.

Hairy melon and Dried Baby Shrimps with Vermicelli in Casserole (節瓜粉絲蝦米煲); 金多寶

Hairy melon and Dried Baby Shrimps with Vermicelli in Casserole (節瓜粉絲蝦米煲) (HK$58) tasted just ordinary, an easy dish that everyone can prepare at home. We were once again surprised by its big portion because it’s difficult to find nowadays at other restaurants. By the way, you can see how “Baby Shrimps” are not the size of babies.

What’s more, the three of us ordered two bowls of rice alongside two of the above dishes, and each only cost an extra HK$2, which was also shockingly inexpensive.

If you are looking for a place for home-cooked Chinese food, you might like to visit here next time. It saves time, saves money and is simply better that you can imagine.

金多寶餐廳小廚 (only in Chinese, but can be read as “Kam-Dor-Bo” Restaurant)
Shop 1, 1/F, Fu Fai Arcade, Ma On Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel.: +852 2631 8060



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