Who cares about your food if service is CRAP?


I must start my post with this short but strong Cantonese idiom that means “I have fallen into a TRAP“.

Wow. Trusting the high ratings on Openrice I had chosen to dine at this Korean barbecue place named Han Song for my mom’s birthday celebration, but it turned out pretty awful and upsetting.

Eight appetizers; Han Song Korean Restaurant

Two days before that I booked a table of four at 6:30pm and on the phone, the waiter said we have to return the table at 8pm. So we arrived that evening, ordered food and started the meal with eight iconic dishes of appetizers. The set up looked appealing and there was nothing wrong until the Grilled Meat set for 2-3 pax (HK$788) were served.

A Mainland Chinese but Korean-looking waitress helped us with grilling the Pork Belly with Kimchi. After we finished the meat, she came over again, unfolded the two rolls of Han Song’s recommended Marinated Beef Short Ribs and cut them into pieces.

Marinated Chicken dumped all at once onto the grill by waitress;  Han Song Korean Restaurant

We thought, “she so actively offers to serve us, deserves a thumbs up” while the next moment when she literally shoved Marinated Chicken onto the grill ALL AT ONCE and left them looking gross, we realized she was only wanting us to speed up and leave the table for the next round of diners.

And I wouldn’t forget to mention how the waitress was answering so bluntly to my dad’s question on whether the slice of mushroom could still be eaten after being used to soak up excess oil. Come on, everyone knew he wasn’t serious. And if it happens that a person indeed knows little about Korean cuisine, she has the duty to explain rather than to make him/her upset and sound stupid.

Anyway, we also had the very tender Braised Short Ribs and Spicy Tofu and Seafood Stew that were as well in the set, and added Chilled Buckwheat Noodles (HK$98) for extra. Truly speaking, Han Song did a fairly nice job on the dishes as how Openrice ratings reflect, and are some of the better ones among the many local Korean restaurants. To comment in general, meats were appropriately seasoned and cooked (braised ones only as barbecued ones were controlled by ourselves), while the noodles was fine but not outstanding.

What was worse came! Nearing 8pm while we actually still had the time to finish off and cut the Juchheim Chocolate Baumkuchen Cake (a separate review on it later), another impolite waitress already parked a dish-collecting cart to the side of our table and started cleaning up the dishes. We’re like… hello??? We’re still here….

Fine, we tried to tolerate it and asked the Korean-like waitress to lend us a knife and guess what, she brought us a CHEF’S KNIFE ❗ , claiming there are no smaller ones available in the entire restaurant… we were in complete shock but my parents were just optimistic enough to shrug and laugh it off.

Since we were quite full after all the dishes, we only had less than half of the cake and I carefully put the rest back into the box and then into the paper bag, but then all four of us were too tired and had forgotten about it. Ed and I ran back to it after crossing a street, which was no more than 5 minutes.

What happened was it took a while for the waitress to bring the paper bag out from the kitchen, and she coyly told us that it was placed “somewhere at the back and not thrown away to the bin”.

I was fairly sure that they saw us leaving it behind by mistake and intentionally kept it for their own after-work treats. (Clues: 1. A waitress continued cleaning up our table while we left. 2. Another waitress stood just nearby, ready to greet another round of diners. 3. It was a bright orange paper bag and if you must see it unless you’re… blind. 4. It’s obvious if I didn’t need the cake anymore I wouldn’t have put it back in place so neatly. 5. There were three clean creases on the bag and the catalogue that I placed on top of the box earlier was gone)
By the way, they have my number since I booked the table through the phone, and should have given me a call.

Nice food, however, I really won’t give a damn due to its unbelievable services — a mix of rudeness and dishonesty 👿. Did the Association of Korean Restaurants in Hong Kong, initiated by the Korean government, include Han Song in its list to promote Korean cuisine? Well then, please, carefully review on the negative comments. I’m not the first person to complain about this.

Super outraged, I’m done with this review.

Han Song Korean Restaurant
Room A-B, 1/F, Shop B-C, Cheung King Mansion, 144 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel. +852 2736 8670



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