Return of a humble dessert shop

Shop exterior; Fruity Land

Last night, walking around in Tai Wai the many fresh flower baskets that occupied a narrow pedestrian caught everyone’s attention. As we’re still thinking what the new restaurant would be about we then walked up close enough to see its name: Fruity Land. Isn’t it the dessert shop that was closed down about three years past if memory serves me right? It’s now back on the same street 😀

We’ve decided to eat less for dinner and save stomach space for its dessert. Since it was the first day of re-opening, people in the neighbourhood gathered with expectations at its front door and waited for seats. From what I heard from Ed and his mother, quirky Taiwanese ones and traditional Hong Kong sweet soups were all deliciously made. But as I myself had never been to the old Fruity Land before I cannot make comparisons, which is good in a way because I would be less biased.

Stewed Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almond Soup; Fruity Land

It took a short while for the food to arrive. First was my Stewed Papaya, Snow Fungus and Almond Soup (HK$20), a dessert loved and adored by women for its soothing, nourishing effect to the skin and respiratory system. With three big chunks of ripe papaya, the slightly thickened liquid (achieved by cooking snow fungus) was served steaming hot and properly sweetened. Perfect for this weather when air starts to become cool and dry.

Black Sesame x Cashew Nut Sweet Soup; Fruity Land

Black Sesame x Cashew Nut Sweet Soup (HK$24) ordered by Ed’s mom is a popular crossover dessert also well-known for its beauty properties for the skin. But I found this one not so appealing to the eyes at all, and was quite likely made with instant packets rather than fresh toasted sesame and cashew. I understand not many places would make this with fresh ingredients nowadays, but I still have lots of hope every time I order this…

Mango Shaved Ice with Sago; Fruity Land

Finally it was Ed’s order: Mango Shaved Ice with Sago (HK$25) that has a cheerful presentation (like flower petals) with a chocolate wafer stick and colourful sugar strands. However, wafer stick was not crisp and there was just a slight hint of mango even a bit sour to taste. Sago was completely cooked through, yet while eaten together with the sugar strands it felt like it wasn’t…

Several dessert shops on this street have come and gone, and I congratulate Fruity Land for coming back. I can see that it will catch up to its original standard really soon 🙂

Shop interior; Fruity Land

P.S. Staff in orange uniform are fast, friendly and humble.

Fruity Land (菓之店)
2 Fu Tin Lane, Carado Garden, Tai Wai, Shatin, New Territories
Tel.: +852 3580 1126



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