Show love and say “SalumiAmo”!

Sweet friend who is PR now; SalumiAmo party at Isola

Just two days past I risked my life and escaped from the office (after working overtime for an hour 😡 ) only for this Italian Salumi Promotion Launch Party!

Thanks to Paola Guida the Italian Trade Commissioner, I was one of the many gourmands in town who were invited to Isola Bar & Grill in IFC in Central for this kick-off event that celebrates, shares and raises awareness of fine Italian cured meats.

There, in the form of a buffet, we happily served ourselves with a range of fresh salumi prepared by Chef Fabio Ugoletti, who came all the way from Italy for this special event. Grazie mille!!

During that two hours or so I’ve met some friends and clinked glasses with new, interesting people. Out on the deck we lounged on the sofa and shared our delicious salumi platter along with some red wine. Fantastic experience, except that it was too cold and windy.

DIY Salumi platter; SalumiAmo party at Isola

There were Prosciutto Crudo, Salame, Culatello, Speck, Pancetta, Coppa/Capocollo, Bresaola, Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Cotechino. Some of these are fairly easy to distinguish but some are not, not even if we tried to match them with the photos in SalumiAmo catalogue… 😛 But as I recollect, I preferred mature cured ones over cooked ones, and thinly sliced ones over diced ones. So Proscuitto Crudo, Culatello and Pancetta are my favourites.

Of course, whatever they are, we still enjoyed all the delectable cuts and couldn’t get enough of them. I recall a pretty Singaporean lady that I knew that night told us how her personal trainer’s going to get super mad while still savouring salumi and wine. In fact I felt a little guilty too but at the end of the day, who cares? Life is too short to miss good food 🙂 and what’s more, cured meats actually boast a high nutritional content, including antioxidants that are very important for us women 😮

With curing skills accumulated since centuries past, salumi take up an essential part of Italy’s ancient heritage that is about quality. These that I’ve tasted were delicate but aromatic and flavourful. I swear I can have them every minute of the day, but certainly not on my own because sharing, as Italian people always stress, can bring your culinary experience a world of a difference.

* * * * * * *

Alright, salumi lovers in Hong Kong and Macau, MARK YOUR DATES ❗ The following 10 Italian restaurants are celebrating the spirit of SalumiAmo with special tasting evenings:

20 – 22 November
– Aqua Spirit
– Aqua Armani
– Giando

27 – 29 November
– DiVino
– DiVino Pati
– Spasso

4 – 6 December
– Domani
– Gaia
– Joia

24 – 27 & 29 November
– Aurora [at Altira Macau]

During the promotion period, you can take home their very own taste of Italy at several selected AEON stores and city’super outlets too!




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