Tea Party for our Bride-to-be!

In fact I have LOTS of dining experiences that I haven’t written about, but I’d like to give way for this one first.

On coming Sunday it’s going to be my cousin’s big wedding day and we just had bridal shower with her last weekend at Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel for an Afternoon Tea Buffet party!

Speaking of the ambiance, it’s Located at the lobby level simply named as “Cafe“. We were seated by the floor-to-ceiling window so even if it was a bit chilly out there, sun rays that came through made us feel warm and cozy.

Speaking of the food, there wasn’t a really broad variety of choices but that’s fine since we all have small appetite. However, I must say the food overall wasn’t as pleasing as expected. Such as the crostini and mini burger, they looked nice yet we had to leave the bread untouched because they all turned soggy. Hmmmmmm, I remember how the girls loved the congee though for its thick, creamy texture that soothed their stomach after a night of crazy drinking plus hangover 😎

Afternoon Tea Buffet party for bridal shower; Cafe at Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel

But let’s forget about that and recall the happy moments. Here you go, a photo of us! (not all were present and yes, we actually DO have a large group of bridesmaids, and that with a V-sign is Jasmine our beautiful bride-to-be)



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