When Madam takes us onto her journey…

I was at a very casual lunch with Mary (thanks once again for inviting!), Joey and Grace at Madam Sixty Ate in Wanchai. Had an delightful time tasting dishes and cocktail, watching the chef prepare food, chatting and laughing.

It was actually my first visit here despite having written a short article about a collaboration of it and Riedel, and it has definitely left me a good impression! Thanks to the innovative minds and skillful hands of Head Chef Shaun Anthony and Mixologist Tom Wood, and of course the attentiveness of General Manager Jean-Noel.

Floradora; Madam Sixty Ate

We looked at the latest menu, but left ourselves to the hands of Madam Sixty Ate to decide what each of us would especially have for lunch. So other than the refreshing and festive cocktail named Floradora, each dish was different. And given that they were quite big in portion (from ladies’ perspective), it actually allowed us to share and try a broader variety from the menu.

Sour Dough Bread; Madam Sixty Ate

Sour dough bread was supple and moist, and with smoked butter it tasted very nice. Usually I have to leave the bread aside to save space for other food but this was a total exception.

Foie gras parfait, orange, gingerbread and butternut squash soup; Madam Sixty Ate

I still recall how surprised I was while Foie gras parfait, orange, gingerbread and butternut squash soup was brought in front of me. A coincidence or not, I must say I adored the foie gras not only by its taste, but also by how it perfectly resembled a wine cork. How thoughtful for bringing me this dish!

Beef "hanger steak", roasted sunchokes, soy gel, mushrooms; Madam Sixty Ate

Beef “hanger steak”, roasted sunchokes, soy gel, mushrooms was Mary’s, where the beef was super tender and the flavour was in general very robust and savory.

Modern fish and chips; fish and chickpea chips, mushy peas and squid cracker; Madam Sixty Ate

Modern fish and chips; fish and chickpea chips, mushy peas and squid cracker was Grace’s. Most catchy to the eyes is the two pieces of jet-black cracker that sits on top of the fish. Fun to look at and to eat.

Sea bass, heirloom carrots, dashi and "instant noodles"; Madam Sixty Ate

Sea bass, heirloom carrots, dashi and “instant noodles” was mine. This was a very light and healthy dish, perfect for ladies who wish to maintain some toned, sexy curves! Just to add, they seemed to keep serving me with more whimsical dishes 🙂

Here are the photos of other dishes. Some of which I didn’t taste, some of which I have their names forgotten… but from the photos you’re able to tell what they were, and to tell that they were as delicious as you can imagine!

Then we’d of course moved on to the part that we ladies looked most forward to — DESSERT! And I was super happy to be invited into the kitchen, to watch Chef Anthony prepare the savory treats up-close (and to taste the ingredients)!

Below it shows all four amazing sweet treats that we shared, and happenings inside the kitchen: Bittersweet chocolate aero, star anise, blood orange sorbet, chocolate glass (the festive treat), White chocolate; passion fruit mousse, soda, pineapple gingerbeer sherbetPeanut butter dacquoise; chocolate ganache, burnt bananas, banana ice-cream coffee and Compressed strawberries, coconut meringue, basil sorbet.

To complement the quirky dishes is of a quirky dining environment; not only that there’s this wall full of colourful birds, but also huge paintings around the place that add charm, all by local artist Lynette Chiu.

My favourite one is Sophie, next to the bar table where Tom prepares cocktails — a pair of delicate hands that hold three tiny rabbits resting in the curves of a broad bean pod. But I’d forgotten to photograph it…

P.S. Have to visit Madam S’Ate soon

Madam Sixty Ate
Shop 8, 1/F The Podium, J Senses, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (entrance on Ship Street)
tel. +852 2527 2558



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