Traditional food — Egg Rolls

Since the busy high school life I’ve developed a “habit” — to work in front of a pile of papers ( now keyboard and a computer screen), always with something at my fingertips to snack on since I’m notorious for dozing off and falling into deep sleep very easily.

On the days when I feel like eating cleaner, you’ll see me munching on an apple, an oatmeal energy bar or carrot/celery sticks; on the days when I feel like treating myself with guilty pleasures, my mouth will be full of cookies, LOTS OF chips, and one of my childhood favorites if they happen to be around the house.

Finally we’re getting into the topic of the night — EGG ROLLS!

Tin; Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll Co.

You’re right, this amazing tin of homemade egg rolls is sitting in front of me right now. It’s a Chinese New Year gift from Ed for my family, from the popular Duck Shing Ho.

Close-up of Egg Roll; Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll Co.

Every time I crack the lid open I smile at the comforting scent. Look at the egg rolls… they are semi-sweet, thick and somewhere in between being crunchy and fluffy. When you see the layers, “delicious!” is on your mind and you’ll start to appreciate the effort and craftsmanship behind these classic treats.

Speaking of craftsmanship, Duck Shing Ho first started its business in the 1960s selling agricultural products (i.e. food grain and oil) before transforming into an egg roll manufacturer with the rise of supermarkets in 1973. They homemade and sell freshly-baked egg rolls everyday.

Wise choice made. It stands proud and strong until today. Ed said he had to call and pre-order back in September 2013 (!) or else he’d have to line up in THIS queue of some 300 people early at 9:30am (see here: for egg rolls fresh from the oven, limited in numbers.

It has no preservatives and recommends consumption within 3 months. But seriously? Three weeks is more than enough.

Trivial fact: It sells egg roll crumbs too, and they do go out of stock as well 🙂

Duck Shing Ho(德成號)
G/F, 64 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
tel. +852 2570 5529 / 2571 5049

– Judith


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