“WHAT THE F***?!” — This was my colleague’s first and very genuine reaction after looking at my lunchbox today, followed by a chain of laughter.

Well, by being able to catch people’s attention (in the office and on the MTR) and get them to ask questions, WTF!?XXD is at the first step to success by only soft-opening in Central.

I can imagine your furrowed brows now, as I had the exact same look on my face while I first saw the restaurant name. WTF is Wholesome Tasty Food while XXD, rather than being an insane laughing face “XD” (tilt your head to the left), means Xhibiting Xtreme Deliciousness.

In fact, it was last week while someone did a little write-up on Facebook to promote the shop; a friend “Liked” the post, went there, posted a photo along with a short description. The same thing popped up twice on my news feed and I thought to myself, “it’s destiny… let’s give it a go!” So even though It was chilly and drizzling this afternoon, and that I was actually suffering from a cold *sneeze* it didn’t stop me from traveling from Causeway Bay to Central for its soft opening. I’m (the staff are too) surprised by my determination when it comes to food.

Western Bento - Penne with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Salad; WTF!?XXD

They offer croissant, ciabatta, panini, salad, and this Bento: Penne with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Salad (HK$53).

Penne provides a large surface area for the thick, creamy fragrant-infused sauce to cling onto, making the pasta a very appetible and fulfilling one; russet potatoes are nicely seasoned with salt and fresh rosemary(!); while salad is clean and fresh to mark the start of the lunch.

Big thoughts thrive on small space. It’s all about quirky designs and bold colours that cheer you up in a jiffy, and a range of home-cooked food that comes also in muffins, scones and bagel from the West and steamy buns, siu-mai, rice paper rolls and more from the East.

And oh, have I not mentioned that the Bento comes in Chinese style too?

Shop 6, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
tel. +852 2346 8889

– Judith


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