Thoughts: food that gives you goosebumps?

Recently, a colleague came back from a media luncheon with a frowning face because she only realized one of the dishes that resembled but felt coarser against the palate than turkey meat was from the horrendous-looking guinea fowl.

I have then decided to ask around and see what others think are the most revolting food they have eaten. I got replies such as deep-fried insects, blood clams, frog leg porridge, pigeon head / brain and bull testicles; out of which, the idea of grilling cow udder is prolly the most bizarre while live frog sashimi (YouTube: gross content alert) is ultimately WTF and inhumane.

Personally, African snails (as found in Chilli Hot Snails in Chinese Wine) are very gross since I’m scared of snails but ironically I’m fine with eating whelks. Non-living-ingredient-wise, cinnamon tops the list.

– Judith


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