What about FULL/half?

As it’s only one week away from April I started thinking to myself that time passes really quickly, and that I’ve turned 24 for like three months… and I’ve not written one post for how Ed celebrated my birthday with me!  U_U

On that morning, after watching The Wind Rises he took me to FULL/half that is located right outside of the cinema’s exit for brunch.

Behind this place with an interesting name is an interesting concept: customers who’d like to sit down and take a rest with coffee or homemade desserts are seated at the half area, whereas those who’d prefer set meals like us are seated at the FULL area. It is, therefore, nicely divided into two parts by plant partition to create different atmospheres that suit the different needs. You can find its furniture and decors from Homeless, by the way.

I felt lucky while it was one of the finer afternoons among the winter days, and that the place felt homey and intimate especially when sparsely seated on a weekday. I felt blessed sitting by the window that overlooked a part of the bustle city that seemed much like a quiet neighbourhood in the small towns of Japan.

We ordered two set lunches to share, starting off with a fresh but rather unconventional Caesar Salad and a comforting Homemade Tomato Soup that was savoury to taste.

Organic Fettuccine with Fresh Oyster & Caviar in Champagne Butter Sauce; FULL/half

Moving on, we’re served with Organic Fettuccine with Fresh Oyster & Caviar in Champagne Butter Sauce (HK$113). The sauce and deep-fried oysters were hot and delicious; caviar was small and dark, quite bland and obviously not of high quality (however understood as it’s just a café); appreciated how pasta came with a homemade feeling, but I think they need to work on the unappealing pasta sheets that were full of bubbles and a bit tough.

Grilled Australian Marbling Striploin with Creamy Mashed Potato; FU

Grilled Australian Marbling Striploin with Creamy Mashed Potato (HK$153), our another main dish, was cooked to medium, nice and juicy. I had nothing to complain about the mashed potato, as I recall.

Not to forget our drinks that arrived before the dishes. He picked Caffe Latte (included in the set) topped with frothy microfoam while I had Fresh-made Honey Ginger Lemon Tea (additional HK$4) that warmed my palms and eased the cold, though I’d call for more ginger. And since Christmas was fast-approaching, it thoughtfully sent us a gift that marked a cheery end to our meal – Homemade Chocolate Brownie Cubes that was semi-sweet, fudgy and dense.

P.S. despite the many criticisms of The Wind Rises, I think it being less exciting and closer to reality do not make it any less appreciable than past productions. Lovely, emotional and almost heartbreaking animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki, with once again a great soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.

FULL/half eat & drink design
8/F, The One, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
tel. +852 29978190

– Judith


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