Thoughts: last day with Spirito diVino…


Today is officially my last working day with Spirito diVino Asia bi-monthly magazine. Since the beginning, I’ve been hands-on contributing to #1 – 9 issues and it’s been great fun.

People are surprised to hear that I’m leaving and further pursuing my career in an advertising firm. One of the questions I got asked most often was:

Q: It’s such a nice job – eating and drinking every day (“every day” is so not true, however)! What makes you want to leave?

A: Indeed, the best part of this job was to get this huge exposure in the fascinating food and wine scene that opens me up to great food and great wines, chefs, vintners and people in the trade, but the thing is, I thought it’s time to engage in something different, faster and more exciting. I’m a typical Sagittarian and it therefore makes sense. Impulsive much? No, not really.

So, please expect the coming posts that are to let myself recap the nicest things that happened during these 1.5 years. Coming in chronological order, they will be the wine-dine experiences that I particularly want to remember and share with all of you.

P.S. There is this unstated rule at offices that those who resign should give out “farewell cookies”, with a hope to maintain a friendly relationship with ex-colleagues. I had too, but rather let them choose their fav drinks from the TenRen’s TEA menu – which everyone likes. The photo above is 913 King’s Milk Tea that I got for myself.

P.S.S. Thank you all, stay in touch! 🙂

– Judith


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