{Athens, Greece} does Pulitzer deserve a prize?

As said in a blog post earlier, I was sent to Greece earlier for a business trip.

To give you all an idea (and do a little promo!), as an advertising agency’s copywriter / social media specialist, I’m given the chance to handle by far the most highlighted project — Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (August 16 – 28). It’s made for young athletes aged between 14 and 18, with a focus on fun and enjoyment rather than winning awards. Of course, they still play like pros, and the Games of high caliber also began with a Flame Lighting Ceremony at Athens!
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Alright, let’s talk about food, starting with Pulitzer. This was not our first meal there but our first Greek meal, and was one of the countless impromtu decisions made since we never had the time to plan ahead. If you ask why we were there for dinner on the second night, proximity to the hotel was the answer.

The menu of “New Greek Cuisine” begins with a quote from Pulitzer Prize-winning Ernest Hemingway, and from within we picked three dishes to share –


Roasted Tomatoes and Peppers Stuffed with Rice (EUR$8):
The bright, exotic colours and flavours woke up our senses (let’s say, at HK time 4:45am while our brains have stopped functioning). I loved the very “Greek” taste but only so-so for the texture while the rice was more like Thai rice than Italian risotto. The dish was moist in a nice way at first, but it gradually turned soggy. Big potato wedges at the sides were well-seasoned.

Pulitzer Trilogy Selection of Meat with chicken, pork, sausage, multi-colored peppers, onion, porto wine, fresh herbs and meat sauce; Pulitzer, Athens, Greece

Pulitzer Trilogy Selection of Meat with chicken, pork, sausage, multi-colored peppers, onion, porto wine, fresh herbs and meat sauce (EUR$8):
We ordered this because its name started with “Pulitzer” as if it’s a signature dish. The presentation of the Trilogy Selection of Meat dish was however nothing like a fine, elegant literature piece that comes in three parts – quite unappetizing at first sight.

Its extreme richness (as reflected by its colour) shares resemblance with Chinkiang Sweet and Vinegary Spareribs, giving me a sudden crave for a comforting bowl of plain steamed rice.

Milanese risotto with chicken and Parmesan; Pulitzer, Athens, Greece

Milanese risotto with chicken and Parmesan (EUR$9.5):
I’d have given this a pass if I had a time travel machine. There was no all’onda texture (aka. wavy flow), biting down the risotto grains felt sloppy and overcooked, and the taste of the sauce was far from fragrant. The cheese that sat on top was bland.

To recall, it is a restaurant & bar that boasts a chic, modern ambiance. Worth a (re)visit, but be sure to skip risotto dishes.

5 Ventiri Street, Athens
T. +30 21 0722 2232

– Judith


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