{Athens, Greece} Nikitas, classic downtown eatery

Another afternoon in Athens, we exited at Monastiraki metro station craving for somewhere nice for traditional Greek food. We tried our luck, walked into a random cafe where a friendly female staff then wrote us this note, telling us another dining spot would better cater to our needs.

After many twist and turns (and guesses – because none of us read Greek), we arrived at Nikitas that is located right next to an old church.

Tomato Salad; Nikitas

We ordered bread (EUR$0.5) to go with Spicy Feta Cheese Dip (EUR$3), amazingly fresh, rich and cheesy to go with the bread. The only issue is that it’s not easily spreadable, so that we needed to eat in rather big chunks.

We ordered Tomato Salad(EUR$2.8), with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, capsicum, olives and of course the large piece of feta cheese that sat on top. You can tell from the photo how delightfully clean and fresh it felt against my palate. But at the same moment, we thought to ourselves that we could have skipped the cheese dip…

Soutzoukakia; Nikitas

Moving on to the classic main dishes, we had Soutzoukakia (~EUR$5.5-6.5), juicy, richly seasoned meatballs with a delicate texture cooked in a fragrant tomato sauce that’s at the right thickness. No wonder tomatoes are one of the ingredients that would first come to our minds whenever we talk about “Greek food”.

Moussaka; Nikitas, Athens, Greece

Moussaka (EUR$6.5) that came last was layers of spicy eggplants and minced meat topped with fingerlickingly good béchamel sauce. If you are a Hong Konger like me, you will find it very similar to a casserole dish except this was in the form of a cube. Delicious and deeply satisfying.

I insist trying the traditional cuisine of whichever country I visit as a way of learning its culture, and I’m totally impressed by this friendly home-cooked meal that came at a fair price. This is literally one of the best dining spots in downtown Athens that’s off the tourist map (and trap)!

Agion Anargiron 19, Athina, Greece
T. +30 21 0325 2591

– Judith


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