Does “Amaroni” only remind you of Amarone?

So it was another dinner for dad on the night of his birthday :). Mom made the choice and it was at Amaroni’s Little Italy at Kowloon Tong. So Amarone is a red wine varietal and is something different, don’t mix them up.

The Italian-American restaurant launched alongside Festival Walk in 1998, no wonder as I think back, I realized I’ve been seeing it even before entering high school (ah, I’m almost revealing my age)! But the strangest thing is I seemed to have never dined there until that evening! 😯

The atmosphere was great — lamps that come in many different designs gave out warm glow; crowded tables sat with happy people, and attentive staff who worked really quite quickly, with taller ones carrying HUGE platters in and out of the kitchen seemingly effortlessly.

Bread Basket; Amaroni's Little Italy

Dinner started off with a basket of Fresh-baked Bread, where the one with moist and airy interior (maybe ciabatta?) was my favourite.

Soft Shell Crab with Lemon-thyme Aioli; Amaroni's Little Italy

Soft Shell Crabs with Lemon-thyme Aioli was appetizing. I love it, I really love it!! Warm and crispy, especially savoury when dipped into the sauce that was well-balanced between garlic and herbs 😛
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