My favourite Canteen…

This is the 3rd day I’m officially unemployed.

I’m never a very nostalgic person, though there are a few things that I kind of miss after a year working at the company and eating out occasionally… Singapore and Malaysia Canteen is on the list.

Exterior; Singapore and Malaysia Canteen

It’s inside a Market next to a ferry concourse, meaning it’s not particularly comfy when there’s this heat and humidity in the summer. I can bear with that, however, for the food:

The Noodle with Singapore Dark Soya Sauce (HK$35) comes in generous portion and is my usual order on warmer days, whereas the slurp-worthy Noodle with Pepper Soup (HK$38) might be your new cold winter fave that promises to warm your bones for hours on end. I like to order them with:

  • the savoury, unbeatable Barbecued Pork Neck Meat
  • the gelatinous, comforting Braised Chicken Leg and Pork Leg
  • the simple, delicious Barbecued Lemongrass Chicken Steak

It’s nice to have a drink too – I’d either have the simple, refreshing Iced Barley Water (HK$16) or the satisfying Singapore and Malaysia Milk Tea with Ginger Sauce (HK$15), depending on the weather.


Despite all the above that I loved and kept going back to, I have a few **REMINDERS** for you upon your visit:

  1. Do not order rice. The rice is always in that unbelievable gooey state, and you can imagine how bad it can get when drenched in chicken oil if you order it with Hainan Chicken;
  2. 8/10 times they will bring you the wrong dishes – after a fairly long wait; and
  3. If you love barbecued pork neck and Hainan Chicken, visit early because they tend to be the first two menu items that run out.


Singapore and Malaysia Canteen
Shop 20, 1/F, Kwun Tong Pier Cooked Food Market, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
T. +852 2344 2347

– Jude