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I’d definitely spent my time wisely before starting my new job. Just one afternoon I decided to buy a return ticket to Bangkok, where the flight was the next morning.

Traveling with a friend is fun, but when it comes to my first time doing it solo, things became entirely different – I’m the kind of person who’s fine with staying in hostels, and would prefer down-to-earth street food that reflect the lives of locals over fancy restaurants in shopping arcades, though tasty. When on my own, I can follow my instincts, do whatever I want and go wherever I like.

I revisited a number of food spots that I love, including the street vendor near Sala Daeng BTS that sells this super comfort food: Banana Pancake (~THB30-40).

He hand-stretched and tossed the dough ball into a thin sheet, place it into the hot pan drizzled with oil, add and spread out the yolk before adding in banana slices. He then folded the four sides into the center, add a small chunk of butter, flipped to heat both sides until crispy and golden brown.


“Condensed milk?” “YESSSSSSSS!”
“Sugar?” “YESSSSSSSS!”

He laughed while I was jumping up and down like a kid. I told him we don’t have this in Hong Kong, but it’s good or else I will turn into a fat girl in no time.

I also went back to Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice closest to Chitlom BTS. Their Khao Mun Gai (THB40) does not come in big portion, but enough for a person like me who’d like to save stomach space for other food.

Chicken meat is tender and promises freshness that’s rare to find in chicken in Hong Kong, given that most of the times they are frozen due to the avian flu that attack almost on a yearly basis. I mean fresh, safe ones are available but are limited and can be pricey.

The rice is cooked with chicken broth and oil, therefore amazingly fragrant on its own. A drizzle of the red-chilli-and-ginger-infused sweet soy sauce adds a unique Thai flavor. Chilled coconut water is a must-have after the meal.

That’s all for now!!

— Jude


Cravings in Bangkok! (2)

Continuing with the previous post, below are more cravings Samantha and I had in Bangkok, back in mid-December 2013!

12 DECEMBER, 2013

Basically we gave ourselves a spa break for each of the day in Bangkok, but on the fourth day we’d decided to put it on the very top of our itinerary to kick start the beautiful day 🙂

Don’t panic yet, it’s still a food blog! The reason why I’m mentioning the Center Point Massage in Silom is the cup of Matoom Tea served before and after its heavenly, exceptional spa treatment; and of course, it also happens to be one of the must-goes on my list.

Matoom is essentially bael fruit, and this herbal tea is known for cleansing and keeping your digestive system healthy. What the staff do is as simple as bringing the dried pieces up to a boil and adding sugar to taste. But since I only found powdered ones in Big C Supermarket, that’s what I got for myself 🙂 and I’m excited that it tastes equally good!

Afterwards we had lunch at Samai Seik Chicken Rice. It is not heavily promoted, but a low-profile place along the street with an old facade that has it’s name written in Thai that made it difficult for non-locals like us to find.

I think it deserves to be known by more people as its Chicken Rice is actually also very yummy. Boneless, silky smooth chicken meat and yellow-tinged rice to be eaten with red chili sauce different from that in Kaiton Pathumwan (check my last post for more info). It’s hard to tell which one is more superior for they have given the same dish different personalities. But one thing that I’m sure to tell is, the soup here is a whole lot better.

Later of the day, we walked into the neighborhood of Thonglor to hit up the widely-discussed Water Library (Thonglor) on Sukhumvit 55, one of the streets in Bangkok that is highly concentrated with quality, decent bars and restaurants.

It is urban and stylish; walking into the bar area we’re greeted by Mirko Gardelliano the corporate mixologist, who showed us the outdoor terrace, private dining room and wine cellar.

At the main bar area is a shelf of homemade infusion of which its bartenders use to make the drinks. Mirko brought us two cocktail drinks: Gummy Bear and WOW… Guava!

There are a number of drinks under the Gummy Bear category and for this particular one, drink only the upper part, the gin infusion, because the bottom part in blue was liquid nitrogen that released fog for an exciting visual impact (sadly though, didn’t last long). Remember to squeeze the Gummy Bear pipettes onto the palate first to later give the whole drink a wake-up, while chewing gummy bears in between the sips add a whimsical touch to the taste. It’s in general refreshing, with hints of mango, passion fruit and citrus.

WOW… Guava! is a bittersweet infused gin, where a few good drops of homemade Aphrodisiac Bitter helped enhance the already rich fruity flavor to bring a remarkable after taste.

Mirko says a lot of people visit and return to Water Library for it is a place created for real, decent cocktail appreciation. This is my ideal kind of bars too.

Soon after we left, we headed down to the middle of the street for diVino Food & Bar, where its much cosy and down-to-earth setting welcomes everyone like old friends at Roberto Ferin, the Italian restaurateur’s home.

It is comprised of an outdoor terrace, a dining room made to resemble a stone wine cellar with vaulted ceiling (where we were seated) and an adjacent two-storey building named as diVino Deli Shop for casual dinners and takeaways. Roberto kindly served us with aperitivo, a glass of red and white each, a Mini Artichoke, Ham and Cheese Pizza and also its signature Fresh Tuna Salad.

Offering a wide selection of Italian wines (plus some choices from the New World), Indulging food, great ambience and fantastic hospitality, it well deserves the Reader’s Choice Award under the Best Wine Bars category in Bangkok’s Best Dining 2013.
*Read more about diVino Food & Wine in Spirito diVino Asia #8 February/March 2014 issue*

13 DECEMBER, 2013

If you already know me, you’d agree with me that the last day was just lovely and purrrrrrfect to me. We didn’t have a lot of time so Purr Cat Café Club in the serene neighbourhood of Thonglor was the only place we went before heading to the airport.

There were several steps to follow: took off our shoes outside at the garden, put on slippers, wash our hands, get them sanitized with rubbing alcohol and at last, read the “PURR-RULES” that include “play with them nicely” and “please do not hold cats” (*they fine 1,000 Baht for breaking the rules*). All these are to ensure a nice environment for the beautiful felines to thrive. We don’t just come and go, but be responsible 🙂

The café is divided into three main parts: the reception, the cat-free outer lounge and the inner one that I’d call the “cat paradise” for housing more than 20 cats, with walls painted in pristine white to feel clean and spacious.

My thoughtful friend ordered food from the cake counter while I was busying taking photos and having fun with the 20 something cats. And she’s indeed more than thoughtful as the waitress brought the food over to our table, there’s a slice of cake with HBD to… Judith 2013 written on the plate with melted chocolate!

I must apologize that for shifting focus to the cats (who wouldn’t?) and therefore cannot write much about the food. But from what I recall ever so slightly, Lasagne was not exactly a good choice, Hot Latte was nice and foamy while Strawberry Cake was just ok with too generous amounts of cream.

But anyway, I’m very sure to revisit in my every coming trip to Bangkok 🙂 It’s such a delight spending time with these fluffy animals — the lazy Persians, playful American Shorthairs, gentle (and gigantic) Maine Coon and more — CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!

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Samai Seik Chicken Rice
209 Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand (BTS-Sala Daeng / MRT-Si Lom)

Water Library Thonglor
The Grass, Thonglor Soi 12, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand (BTS-Thong Lor)
+66 2 714 9292

diVino Food & Wine
Penny’s Balcony, Thonglor Soi 16, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand (BTS-Thong Lor)
+66 2 714 8723

Purr Cat Café Club
Thonglor Soi 53, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand (BTS-Thong Lor)
+66 2 108 3604

– Judith