Quick Update: We Went on a Picnic!!!

Picnic spot; Ngong Ping picnic

Another wonderful time with my wonderful friends 🙂 The weather last Sunday was clear and sunny, with temps of about 12 or 13 degree Celcius – perfect for a hike & eating outdoors!

Food; Ngong Ping picnic

Along the Ma On Shan Country Trail we walked uphill for an hour or so until we reached the picturesque Ngong Ping Plateau. We just couldn’t wait to find a spot facing the cliff-side, line a shower curtain (LOL) on the grass and share the food we prepared.

We had freshly DIYed sandwiches, with ingredients including cherry tomato, cabbage, avocado with salt, cheddar cheese, ham and salumi. A drizzle of sesame dressing played a huge role!

Just-out-of-the-oven-chocolate chip & poppy seed muffins (by me!! 😀 ) The only question I have is I’d coated the chocolate chips with part of the all-purpose flour before I incorporated them into the batter, but most of them still sank to the bottom of the liners…

Super-duper cute Fungi of the Fungi Gardening Kit, one of the top grossing Japanese game app (click here for recipe)!!

We also had this classic Hong Kong-style picnic snack Frankfurter sausages with pineapple that everyone loved since childhood, Sara Lee pound cake in original flavour, bananas and blueberries too.

It was pure awesomeness to just lie there under the sun, laugh hours away, cheer for gliders who’d take off from the plateau, and pat dogs that would occasionally come near our picnic mat in search for food.

Who loves hiking and picnic like we do? 🙂

– Judith